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Install Oracle Access Manager

The OAM installation process can be classified in to the following steps
  1. Before you start - This primarily deals with setting up the underlying operating system to ensure that you can go ahead with the installation
  2. Installation and basic configuration (OAM Server) - this primarily covers the product installation and basic configuration as identified by the standard installation document
  3. Installation and configuration (Webgate) - this primarily covers standard steps associated with installing and configuring a webgate to protect an application. As an example, it protects OAM console and weblogic console (deployed on Admin server) application using authentication and authorization policy.
  4. Advance configuration (OAM) - this primarily covers specific use-cases of integration with other applications like OIM, OAAM (for enhanced user authentication experience), OUD, OID (for storing identity) and other applications like EBS, JBoss, etc.

In addition to that there are other use-cases related to Federation, Mobile and Social, STS configuration that will be addressed as part of the installation and configuration process.

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